2016 veterinary medicine situation and development ideas

The development and transformation of domestic veterinary drug companies has been counted from the "fast-growing chicken" incident at the end of 2012 for three years.


The development and transformation of domestic veterinary drug companies has been counted from the "fast-growing chicken" incident at the end of 2012 for three years. For three years, it's not long or short! Because in these three years, the veterinary medicine industry can be said to have undergone tremendous changes! Compound medicine has become history, and standard veterinary drugs (completely according to standards) are becoming mainstream; previous product violations were mostly punished with administrative and economic penalties; today's product violations, from economic punishment to minor violations, will lead to prison, and Don't worry about the major veterinary drug cases that have been classified as serious criminal offences in the newspaper! As a result, today's veterinary drug industry threshold has been substantially raised! Under the weight of the situation, there will never be a resurgence of withdrawal; because in recent years, the level of standardized development of the veterinary drug industry has become higher and higher in the future! Come back again, you can only look down on the mountain, you can't go up if you stare! For the vast number of practitioners who are still struggling, you will find the prospects increasingly slim. Because the core competence of the transformation-technological innovation ability-cannot be solved with money or in a moment! It requires not only capital and talent, but also innovative management. Otherwise, no matter how much money is spent, only the technology is bought, which will not form the advantage of the enterprise! Examples in this respect can be seen from the huge number of fiery new veterinary drug declarations and state approvals in China in recent years; why so many new veterinary drugs, so many first-, second-, and third-class new veterinary drugs have not succeeded. What is the life-saving straw for corporate transformation? !!

Because of this kind of innovation, it is more pseudo-innovation; it is not an innovation based on huge market demand, or consumers have options, your innovation cannot produce the value of replacement (upgrading)! However, the development and successful application of new veterinary drugs generally takes 2 to 3 years. For companies in need of transformation that urgently need to quench their thirst, they may not be able to wait for the new veterinary drug certificate, and the company may have "explained"! Therefore, for the majority of veterinary drug companies, how to survive in 2016, I am afraid that is the top priority!

In fact, for the majority of veterinary drug companies in need of transformation, new veterinary drugs cannot save lives, and sometimes they may be fatal! Because at this time, cash flow is the basic indicator for assessing whether an enterprise can continue to operate tomorrow. Isn't accelerating the extinction and death-seeking of investing limited liquidity into new veterinary drugs with extremely low returns? !!

Therefore, for the majority of veterinary drug companies in need of transformation, it is fundamental to do well in 2016 and the immediate work!

Then, in order to do a good job of the transformation in 2016, we must understand the challenges faced by veterinary drug companies in 2016, face the challenges, and make effective responses to the effective transformation! Because you lived today, tomorrow, and this year; or, to put it another way, make 2016 well; then you have 2017. Then 2018, 2019, 2020 ... At what point will you find: the transformation that you had been pursuing hard, but thinking hard but couldn't understand, now with the success of the transformation, you will suddenly realize that the transformation is gradual , And sometimes do n’t leave behind, it is the transformation way with the highest success rate!

To pass 2016 smoothly, let's look at the challenges faced by veterinary drug companies in 2016. The first is the pressure on veterinary medicine to lower costs. For veterinary drug companies, it is impossible to produce; because according to the user's price, production is unprofitable or loses money! For veterinary drug companies, because there is no cost advantage, when quoting to users, they will be out of standard because they are higher than competitors! This challenge, for the original compound veterinary drug companies that are accustomed to the production of "dark matter", is an internal and external attack. If it is not solved well, it will die quickly! The second is the severe shrinking pressure of veterinary drug market demand.

The general situation in 2016 continues to decline! However, in this declining state, consumers' requirements for the quality of animal products such as meat, eggs, and milk will continue to rise! Because of the original kind, the consumption of meat, eggs and milk with low and middle income as the main consumer group has been transformed into the middle-class consumer demand standard due to a large increase in income in the past four or five years! As the mainstream consumer groups have higher and higher requirements for the quality of meat, eggs, and milk, they will force the breeding and food processing companies to increase the input requirements! Under this kind of challenge, veterinary medicine, as an input to the aquaculture industry, has to win competition if it wants to adapt to new demand standards. Must be the same quality, lower prices to compete, and finally win the competition; the same price, higher quality, and finally win! Therefore, in the face of the continued sluggish demand and shrinking challenges, low-price competition is too easy to operate and too simple to compete! Relying on this method for long-term and frequent competition, you will end up with the same goal-a dead end! Because this road is a no return. Only when the prices are not much different, everyone has a technological advantage and competition in technological innovation will make the industry more healthy and healthy!

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