Cause analysis and prevention of sow uterine ectopic

Sow hysterectomy means that part or all of the uterus is prolapsed from the cervix to the vagina or vulva, and most often occur in dystocia and delivery sows.


Sow hysterectomy means that part or all of the uterus is prolapsed from the cervix to the vagina or vulva, and most often occur in dystocia and delivery sows. The disease occurs within a few hours after delivery. Although sow abstinence does not have a great impact on farm production like infectious diseases, it has an impact on production efficiency, and because it is often sudden, it is still difficult for some less experienced veterinarians to cope with. For some pig farms with uterine uterine ablation, it is necessary to start with the cause and find a solution. Sometimes seemingly simple uterine uterine extraction, but hidden management loopholes in the pig farm.

Two symptoms of uterine eclipse

1) Inversion of the uterus

That part of the uterus prolapse, sick animals show signs of restlessness, irritability, frequent blame, lifting the tail and other symptoms. Early diagnosis depends on palpation for vaginal exploration to confirm the diagnosis, and in the middle and later periods, uterine horns come off the outer end of the vagina, such as a ball covering the vagina.

2) Completely prolapse

The pussy vulva showed a long round sac, and the uterine mucosa was dark red and edema shortly after the prolapse. If it is a long time, part of it is dry and cracked, or part of the mucous membranes are faint, purple ulcerated, and soil, broken grass, or even feces are adhered, and blood or blood is usually leaked from the damaged place. There is still blame after childbirth, and there are meatball-like objects in the vaginal tract (incomplete prolapse). When completely prolapsed, an enema-like red inversion uterus can be seen outside the shade, with mucosal edema, congestion, damage, and debris, dirt, and feces. If it is not found in time, it is often contaminated with feces and frictional bleeding, and then cracks, erosions, scabs, etc. will also die due to more than bleeding. The uterus is severely infected with necrosis and septicaemia.

Surgery plan

Epidural anesthesia was performed with 10 mL of 2% procaine injection (for more intense sows, the dose can be increased, and 0.25% procaine 15-20 ml is injected in the Houhai point). The intramuscular injection is 10%. Naka injection 5-10mL, 30% An Nagin injection 10mL. The prolapsed uterus was washed in a 2% alum aqueous solution, and a large cut in the mucosa was sutured; the necrotic mucosa was carefully cut off. If the edema is severe, you need to prick the mucosa to bleed. Then use 3% peppercorn water to pour repeatedly. After 10 minutes, the uterus begins to shrink, and then pour for 5 to 10 minutes.

Keep the sick animals in a low-post and high-post position when they return to their homes. Ask your assistant to support the uterus and vulva as high as possible. If the swelling at the base of the uterus is severe, you can return it from the uterine horn; When returning from the base, the surgeon should tighten the base of the uterus and slowly return it inward little by little with the assistant. When returning from the uterine horn, the assistant held up the uterus with the palm of the uterus. The surgeon gradually pushed the uterus from the depression of the uterine horn to the uterus. When the uterine horn approached the cervix, it was pushed into the cervix by hand. When it is blame, it will stop pushing until its contraction and blame stop. Until it is completely fed in. To prevent uterine inversion, the arm needs to be penetrated deeper to fully adjust the uterus to the corresponding position. In order to prevent the uterus of the sick animal from coming out again, it must be fixed after the restoration. On the sides of the vulva, 2-3 sutures of nodules were made on the nodules. And injected 0.25% procaine hydrochloride to reduce blame. For sows with a loose birth canal, 75% alcohol can be injected into Houhai to promote birth canal contraction. Dismantling time depends on the situation. Generally, the dismantling can be done after 1d, usually about 3d.

Langzhong Veterinary Adjustment Program

Langzhong veterinarians call the uterine prolapse a "deficiency syndrome" caused by depression of yang deficiency, which mostly occurs in aging and physically weak animals. Governance is to replenish the qi and boost the sun. Fang Yi Bu Zhong Yi Qi Decoction addition and subtraction: Cimicifuga 20g, Bupleurum 15g, Moxibustion Astragalus 30g, Codonopsis 20g, Atractylodes 20g, Angelica 20g, Chuanxiong 10g, Motherwort 30g. Frying. Qi and blood is not weak, due to dystocia or drug-induced uterine prolapse, use "Yimu Shenghua Decoction", which has the effect of removing stasis and renewing postpartum, bleeding and pain relief, Tongmai swelling, which is a good postpartum recipe. Formula group: Motherwort 30g, Angelica 20g, Chuanxiong 10g, Peach Kernel 15g, Artillery Ginger 5g, Moxibustion Licorice 10g. Decoction with rice wine, 100 ~ 200ml each for children. Severe illness is accompanied by Scutellaria baicalensis, severe injury is Canadian dollar hu, and severe bleeding is accompanied by fried Puhuang.

Cause Analysis

Insufficient movement of sows during pregnancy, improper feeding, and excessive slope of the piggery floor lead to sluggish uterine muscles and easy prolapse of the uterus.

Sow malnutrition

The sow is old and frail, which causes the whole body to relax and weaken, and the uterine muscles to relax;

Excessive and oversized fetuses cause the uterus to move to the pelvic cavity, and the hydromembrane of the fetus causes the uterus to overextend, which is prone to uterine prolapse.

Feed contains mycotoxins.

Sow is too blameful after giving birth, if the placenta is not pulled hard, it can also cause this disease.

The sow in late pregnancy should be strengthened in feeding management, given high-quality full-price feed, and must not be over-fat.

For sows in late pregnancy, they should be put into the sports ground at regular intervals in the morning and evening. They should enter the farrowing house on the 7th day before delivery and gradually reduce the amount of feed to prevent the intestinal contents from compressing the uterus when they are born. Abdominal pressure.

Do not pull too hard when the sow has difficulty giving birth, so as to avoid excessive blame and prevent the occurrence of vaginal and uterine detachment;

For elderly and weak pregnant sows, pay attention to observation, and timely detect and take corresponding measures;

The editor of Somaki suggested that in order to reduce losses, sows who have experienced severe vaginal exfoliation should be eliminated decisively. Usually strengthen the feeding management, pay attention to exercise and calcium supplementation, the ground of the piggery is properly inclined, and uterine detachment should be treated in time at the same time. Updating the data of sows on the farm in a timely manner, and making a good plan for thinking, is the fundamental solution to sow withdrawal.

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