Top 10 events in China's feed industry in 2016

From lying down to make money to today's pig farms as the center, feed companies are really going to change!


    1. Transformation of feed enterprises
    From lying down to make money to today's pig farms as the center, feed companies are really going to change!
    2.Maize prices fall to eight-year low
    Without the support of the country, the national average price of corn purchases in December 2017 dropped to 0.8 yuan, and the northeast fell to 0.5-0.6 yuan, which was the lowest in the same period in 8 years.
    3. Soybean meal prices fell to a six-year low
    In April 2016, soybean meal prices fell to 2,300 yuan / ton, the lowest level in the same period in six years.
    4. Chen Chunhua leaves office
    In May 2016, Chen Chunhua no longer served as the co-chairman of New Hope Liuhe, and went to school to teach. In addition to the respect and persistence of Chen Chunhua in the industry, there are also concerns about New Hope Liuhe's continued transformation of food
    5.Limited trucks 9.21
    9.21 truck restrictions, detonated the entire feed industry for a while, logistics costs increased significantly, causing feed companies to worry.
    6.Environmental protection storm 11.28
    Who says environmental protection is only for pig farms? In mid-to-late November, the environmental protection inspection team has settled in Shandong, Guangdong, and Tianjin, and the start of major oil plants has been blocked. The price of soybean meal has soared, and the highest in Guangdong reached 3,800 yuan! In this regard, there is also a phenomenon of hard to find goods!
    7. Twin generation processing mode
    In September 2016, the twins advertised their foundry model with great fanfare, and were even called "the foundry king". And this model even broke the circle of friends at that time. In fact, this model was a lot two or three years ago. The twins did nothing but tore off the concealer cloth.
    8. Feed e-commerce
    From 2013 to 2014, when the price of pigs plummeted and feeds rose sharply, feed e-commerce became the life-saving straw for many pig farms. In 2016, pig prices rose sharply, and feed e-commerce was recognized by more and more pig friends. Whether it is the largest e-commerce platform in the industry, Yiyi Mall, or the cooperation between Chia Tai Group and Alibaba, feed e-commerce must It's a trend!
    9. Giants touch each other
    What's the biggest hot spot in 2016 is the union. Moreover, it is not only limited to the alliance with the industry, such as New Hope Liuhe and Alibaba Cloud, Wen's and Huawei, Chia Tai and Alibaba, and so on. The Internet, the pig-raising, the feed-selling, this is a real giant to face!
    10. Enter the pig industry!
    For the feed companies in 2016, the space for feed is getting narrower and narrower, but Wen's and Muyuan who raise pigs are so bullish. There is nothing to say. Go and raise pigs!

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