Many veterinary drug companies received "environmental punishment notice"

In the past month, environmental protection inspection can be said to be an absolute "hot word" and frequently appeared in newspapers.


In the past month, environmental protection inspection can be said to be an absolute "hot word" and frequently appeared in newspapers. This shows the central government's firm determination to govern the environment and build a beautiful China. Environmental protection has once again struck for many industries.

The pharmaceutical industry, as a severely affected area of ​​environmental pollution, has recently been exposed as a typical one. From Hunan, Ningxia, and Guizhou to Guangdong, Shandong, and Jiangsu, a storm of environmental protection inspections that is sweeping across the country's pharmaceutical companies is coming.

On May 28, Magic Pharmaceutical announced that it received a notification from its subsidiary Guizhou Magic Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and one of its production bases (Longli Branch) received the “Decision of Administrative Penalties of Longli County Insurance Bureau” (Longhuan Punishment). Word [2018] No. 10), "Longli County Environmental Protection Bureau Order to Suspend Production and Remediation Decision" (Longhuan Responsible Stop [2018] No. 2).

On June 6, the Yongning County Government issued a notice of stopping trial operation to Ningxia Tairui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., ordering the enterprise to continue to implement production rectification.

On June 6, the Yongning County Government issued a notice to stop the trial operation of Ningxia Qiyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., requiring the enterprise to effectively improve its political standing, take the initiative to assume social responsibility, earnestly fulfill the corporate main responsibility, and do a good job of odor pollution control. Meet the requirements of the central environmental protection supervision and rectification.

On June 10, after receiving a report on environmental protection issues of Huiren Pharmaceutical, the local Jiangxi company suspended production for rectification, and requested that no construction be started without rectification.

On June 11, Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical issued a supplementary announcement of production suspension, stating that the production plant of its subsidiary, Jiangsu Ruike Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., has started to stop feeding on June 7, and will gradually complete the production suspension.

No matter from which point of view, this country's environmental protection battle is already real. As the focus of rectification of pharmaceutical companies, a large number of rumors of shutdowns have caused a lot of panic. The environmental inspection "look back" to see whether another wave of production shutdowns and price hikes will become the focus of concern for pharmaceutical companies and drug companies. In fact, many APIs have begun to rise in price. According to the data monitored by the China Veterinary Medicine Feed Trading Center, more than half of the APIs have begun to rise in price, and the rest are also in a state of interlinkage.

"Whether environmental protection meets the standards will become a lifeline for pharmaceutical companies. In the raw material industry, environmental rectification will continue to promote industry integration. Substandard companies or unsustainable small companies will be eliminated." The analyst at the aforementioned China Veterinary Medicine Feed Trading Center "Environmental protection is both a crisis and an opportunity. Pharmaceutical companies can take this opportunity to become bigger and stronger, make environmental protection an advantage, accelerate industry integration, and promote the upgrading of China's API manufacturing industry."

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