Bola Pharmaceuticals: Be alert: sows "stomach" is full, "cells" are still starving

A lot of pig farmers have such questions: The feed I use is from large companies, and even imported from abroad, 10%, 12% ..., there are imported fishmeal and so on. "


The only material basis on which "cells" live is nutrition!


Think carefully, aren't our sows the same?


A lot of pig farmers have such questions: The feed I use is from large companies, and even imported from abroad, 10%, 12% ..., there are imported fishmeal and so on. "The sow's nutrition is good enough! Why is the sow still so difficult to raise? The weight of the weaned piglets is still not ideal?" This is the result of the lack of "special nutrition" in traditional sow feed. Basic nutrition only meets the normal physiological growth needs of sows. For feed manufacturers, the formula of basic nutrition is no longer "tall".


"The formula is almost the same" is the commonality of most sow feeds, and there is another commonality: only provides basic nutrition. Regardless of the large company or the small company, the nutrition formula of sow feed is only the difference in brand, raw materials, nutritional concentration and price, which is also the only weight for them to compete in the market.


What is "Special Nutrition"?


Special nutrition: Special nutrition is a new branch discipline formed by modern nutrition and environmental medicine. It focuses on the relationship between the environment, diet nutrition and the body. It mainly studies the special environment and special tasks on the body's physiology and metabolism. Laws and mechanisms, the relationship between nutrition and the body's response, adaptation and tolerance to environmental factors, and in accordance with the body's needs for diet and nutrition in special circumstances, formulate reasonable and accurate nutrition principles to meet the body's special needs to protect the body's health , That is, health care.


Nutritional supplements are especially important for sow health


With the continuous improvement of intensive breeding and breeds, and the continuous increase in people's requirements for the production level of sows, sows have become a very special group: they have heavy production tasks and must continue to undergo severe "reproductive stress"; He also lives in special environments: such as the limitation of the delivery bed, the invasion of harmful gases, the hot and cold stress, etc ...


This determines that sows must have strong adaptability and tolerance to be able to complete the increasingly heavy production tasks! Therefore, the supply of nutrition and health care is particularly important, and this is also the weakest link at present, so the sow It is not difficult to understand when various problems occur. The sow has various production problems. The key reason is that the immune system is damaged due to lack of nutrition or imbalance, which is caused by physical decline.


The sow's immune system is like a sophisticated army, protecting the health of the sow at all times. Without the protection of the immune system, even a single particle of dust can be fatal to sows. More than 90% of sows' illnesses are linked to immune system disorders. The structure of the immune system is numerous and complex. It is not located in a specific location or organ. Instead, it is coordinated by multiple organs. For example, lymphoid organs are used to prevent invading toxins and microorganisms.


Since the invention of antibiotics, the scientific community has been working on the invention of drugs in the hope that it can treat diseases, but things have not worked as expected. Researchers have gradually discovered that the use of chemical drugs can only stimulate certain components of the immune system, but it cannot replace the immune system. Function, and also produce harmful side effects, disrupt the immune system balance. Instead, the sow's own defense mechanism, the immune system, has incredible power. Certain special nutrients enable the immune system to function fully and effectively to better protect against disease and overcome the attack of harmful gases and toxins. Nutrition and the immune system are inextricably linked and mutually reinforcing.


A healthy immune system is irreplaceable. Although its power is amazing, it may still fail due to continuous intake of unhealthy food or harsh external environment and various stresses. Studies have confirmed that special nutrition can strengthen the function of the immune system, in other words, the basic nutrition of traditional feed can no longer meet the health needs of sows. The key to affecting the strength of the immune system lies in precise and balanced nutrition and supplementation of special nutrition. The absence of special nutrition will weaken the function of immune cells, and the lack of special nutrition will cause immune cells to become imbalanced, leading to chronic diseases or "sub-health" "The phenomenon happened.


In short, in the current breeding environment, sows are constantly suffering from unfavorable factors such as "a variety of stresses, toxic and harmful gases, and various viral bacteria", and their immune system is facing unprecedented tests, and the sub-health phenomenon is very serious! This is the root cause of so many problems and it is difficult to serve. This cannot be solved with any medicine. Sow feed with only basic nutrients is also powerless! The special nutritional requirements of sows have become a must !!


Basic nutrition and special nutrition are indispensable


Basic nutrition meets the "stomach" of sows, and special nutrition (disease-resistant nutrition and reproductive nutrition) meets the "cell" needs of sows! It can be said that today's sows have never lacked basic nutrients, even nutritional concentrations High, what the sow lacks and needs most at this stage is special nutrition!


At present, the sows on the farm are full of "stomach", but the "cells" are starving!


This is the root cause of all the problems of sow sub-health, low production level, difficult to feed suckling piglets ... !!!

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